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al-A’raf: Narrate this history to them

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172: When your Lord brings forth from their loins the offspring of the children of Adam, He makes the witnesses over themselves (and asks):
"Am I not your Lord?"
"Indeed," they reply. "We bear witness."
Lest you should say on the Day of Resurrection:
"We were not aware of this."
173: Or, lest they should say: "It were our fathers who had ascribed peers to God; we are only their offspring. Will you destroy us for the deeds of those who dealt in vanities?"

This is sort of an astounding line: God brought every single living being, every human, at some time around the creation and made them swear "You're God, and if we forget that, it's our fault. There's no ambiguity now."

The rest of the sura hammers home the general themes of al-A'raf:

  1. There is no god but God.
  2. Do not ascribe good things to any force, superstition or deity, except God.
  3. God sends periodic messengers to try to bring humans to the right path.
  4. Stand firm in your belief (if you believe in God).
  5. God's wrath is inescapable.

In closing…

196: [Say] "My saviour is God who has revealed this book; and He protects those who are upright."
199: Cultivate tolerance, enjoin justice, and avoid the fools.
203: … These (revelations) are an evident proof from your Lord, and a guidance and a grace for those who believe.
204: When the Qur'an is recited listen to it in silence. You may perhaps be blessed.
205: Meditate on your Lord inwardly with humility and trepidation, reciting His Book softly, morning and evening, and be not negligent.

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