Ya Sin

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I've read and blogged about 40 suras, and as I read number 41, I'm feeling as though the themes are getting a bit repetitive. Let me try to list out the ones in this sura that have already been extensively covered:

  1. God sent messengers to remind man.
  2. Man has a bad habit of rejecting God's messengers, sometimes murderously.
  3. Disbelievers blame God for their woes, but claim all successes are their own (they're God's actually).
  4. Eventually, the deniers get punished, the believers are rewarded.
  5. Punishment can be subtle: believers shouldn't see a successful unbeliever and think God has favored the unbeliever. Punsishment will come later.
  6. God created man, and can resurrect men as well.

Maybe I'm not taking Ya Sin seriously enough, but it just doesn't have much new.

Only two things really jumped out at me: first, the use of Ar-Rahman instead of Allah for I think the first time in the regular text of a sura (judging by the translations, it's only been Allah and Lord); second an actual description of Paradise:

055: Surely the inmates of Paradise will be engaged in their pastimes
056: They and their companions will recline on couches in the shade.
057: For them will be fruits and whatever they ask.

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