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Al-Ikhlas: A not-so-subtle swipe at the divinity and paternity of Jesus

September 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Say: He is the One God
He is Eternal
He was not born, nor did He have children
And there is none other but Him.

That's my own translation. I memorized this one in Arabic class, and I can still recite it from memory. It's so simple, I don't need a dictionary or anything to translate.

The meaning?

  1. Jesus was not divine, because God was not born
  2. Jesus was not the son of God, because God does not have children
  3. God is Eternal and can not die (or be resurrected, reborn, what have you)
  4. God is singular: there is no Trinity.
  5. There is no other god but God

In short, Christianity got it wrong. Jesus was, no doubt, a Messenger from God, and an extremely important one at that. But still just a man.